Setting Net Meeting in Windows

NetMeeting is a software application for audio and video conferencing. NetMeeting offers sharing of desktop video, audio, chat and file transfer functionality.

NetMeeting supports directory servers and services. NetMeeting uses may automatically register with a directory when they start their NetMeeting client. The directory then allows users to find online users by name or location. If no directory is available, NetMeeting users can also call each other directly by computer name or IP address.

1. To Access the program (it is a part of Microsoft Windows), go to the Start menu and select the option Run.

Picture RUN

2. In the Open box, type in the phrase “conf”. Click on OK to open the program.

Clik Start | Run

3. If this is the first time NetMeeting has been run on this machine, the following screens will appear in this order.

4. Please fill out the information like is shown in the example screens. And Each time you will click Next to advance to the next screen.

5. Choose NO to log into the Directory

6. Choose the Speed of LAN

7. And next (optional)- put a shortcut out.

8. After that you just Test to test the speakers. and Finish.