How Printer monitoring and reduce the cost of paper.

One way to reduce the cost of paper is to make a report, namely statistical reports or computer user who has done print within a week or a month. So that we can know the use of paper within a department or company.

First step:

1. From print server computer Right click My computer | “computer management “ | “System Tools” | “ System” , you’ll see information users who do print. From this data you can export data into excel ( xls, xlsx).In this way requires extra effort of having to edit the data manually

2. Use Print Management Software

One of the software that can be used to monitor the print paper is the “print inspector”, with the print inspector you can export data based on user, computer, Cost paper, etc.

You just click “add printer“ in menu print inspector, after that you will see the result report from printer which you select, like the picture below:

Print Inspector

Download:  Print Inspector